Member Awards

Ballwin-Chesterfield NAMED GIFT HONOREES for 2017-18

Each year Ballwin-Chesterfield Branch recognizes special members.  Nominations were sought from branch members for the 2017-18 Ballwin-Chesterfield Named Gift Honorees in January, February, and March. The nominees were considered on the basis of dedicated service, their leadership, and their significant commitment to the AAUW Mission and the Branch. Contributions to the AAUW Fund have been made In their honor.

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Alice Crippen was specially honored for Fifty Years of Membership in AAUW!

Special Awards were given to Joyce Katz (Lifetime Achievement Award), Sandra Murdock (Presidential Service Award), and Shima Rostami (Community Service Award.  Named Gift Awards for outstanding service to the branch were given to Bette Bude, Carol Derington, Susan Fenwick, Mary Jermak and Marsha Weppelman.  Learn more about their fine accomplishments below….From Left: Susan Fenwick, Marsha Weppelman, Mary Jermak, Carol Derington, Shima Rostami, Joyce Katz, and Sandra Murdock

Bette Bude: Named Gift Recipient
Since joining AAUW in 2004, Bette Bude has been a vibrant, active member.  She served as Public Policy Chair, Vice President – Programs, and was Co-President from 2009-2011.  Bette was editor of Ballwin-Chesterfield’s newsletter, Branching Out  for seven years, and after her term ended, assisted in its transition to its current four-editor format.
As a loyal supporter of the Dollars for Scholars program, Bette sponsors one or more DFS event yearly, and as newsletter co-editor, Bette ensured that each upcoming DFS event was showcased to its advantage.
Bette has been a member of the financial committee, an auction cashier, and most recently, served on the Nominating Committee.
An ardent Lit I and Reading Reality member, you might find Bette as the discussion leader or the gracious hostess.  Bette is active on the STEM committee, and helped develop the Why So Few? Toolkit. Bette generously contributes her time and talent to the Branch and to AAUW. We are most pleased to honor Bette with a Named Gift Award.

Carol Derington  Named Gift Recipient
Carol Derington has been Co-Chair of the Ballwin-Chesterfield branch LAF committee and was recently Secretary of the St. Charles Coalition Outreach Against Human Trafficking, where she spent hours completing projects to make this organization successful.  Carol was chairperson of the Spring Luncheon for three years, working diligently to provide a great experience  for everyone.  She has been an active member of the Genealogy Interest Group and the Expressions Interest Group, where she volunteered to teach new projects including knitted hats for babies and quilts which were sent to Costa Rica.  Carol has participated in all facets of our branch: attending program meetings, serving as a hostess for meetings, participating in the Eleanor Roosevelt Walk, and joining Membership, Public Policy, EOF, and LAF Committees.  She has consistently volunteered her services including arriving early to set up for the Fall Brunch and Winter Auction. Carol has served AAUW and our mission in a devoted manner for many years. We are pleased to present her with the Named Gift Award.

Susan Fenwick  Named Gift Recipient
Susan Fenwick has done an outstanding job the past four years as the Ballwin-Chesterfield Branch historian/archivist, and was instrumental in instituting a way to house and preserve branch documents.  Currently, she serves us well as the branch’s secretary.  She also lends her keen eye as proofreader to the branch newsletter each month.  This past September, Susan served as Co-Director of our Fall Brunch.
Susan also serves as unofficial photographer.  She has entered and won AAUW’s Annual Art Contest for two years with her photography skills.  As a dedicated volunteer at the Missouri Botanical Garden, and as a result of her knowledge of plants, she put together a Dollars for Scholars event talking about “The Secret Garden: Behind the Scenes at the Missouri Botanical Garden.” In April, Susan was the presenter at the branch’s Munching Matters Luncheon, sharing information about her background and experiences as a woman in the field of technology.
There seems to be no end to Susan’s willingness to be involved in organizations and fields that are important to her.  AAUW is fortunate to be one of those groups.  We are happy to present her today, with a Named Gift Award.

Mary Jermak  Named Gift Recipient
For the past eight years, Mary Jermak has served as editor of Branching Out, and has done an amazing job of building it into the fine ambassador of Ballwin-Chesterfield that it is.  This year, she has worked tirelessly with the three new editors, training them and nurturing their development as editors and helping them maintain the standards that she and Bette Bude established.  Not only does Mary have an eye for accuracy and thoroughness, but she has been diligent in looking for information from AAUW, whether it is their style guide or new developments to add to the newsletter.
Mary served four years on the National AAUW Membership Committee.  She served on the Branch Restructuring Committee and is currently on the Branch Financial Planning Committee.  Additionally, she has served on the STEM, Directory, EOF and Bylaws committees and worked on the Why So Few? Toolkit.  She participates in Duplicate 1, Literature 1, and Reading Reality interest groups, hosting and leading discussions.
Formerly, Mary has been Public Policy Chair and Co-President.  If there is a job that needs to be done, Mary is there and will do it superbly.  Today, we are pleased to recognize this multi-talented member and her commitment to our branch.

Joyce Katz   Lifetime Service Award
Joyce Katz has been a member of AAUW for over 20 years. She is the technology person par excellence, who keeps all of our digital data together and available.  She is always willing to offer suggestions and help where needed.  Her expertise has expanded beyond our branch; she has served in both state and national positions, where her skills have brought clarity and ease to all of our communications.
Joyce sends out a weekly reminder notice to all members, listing the week’s meetings and events, calling attention to items and vital information.  Joyce has worked closely with the newsletter team to ensure that they have whatever is needed to publish our monthly issue. She maintains an extensive member database in Excel, which provides all pertinent information on each current member of the branch. The database is used by Membership, Newsletter, Finance and Directory to keep each area current on membership status.
Joyce has consistently updated technology used in our board and branch meetings, such  as wireless microphones and slide/video presentations by speakers.  She takes pictures of new members for the directory.  She stepped in, and streamlined the setup of the directory so we have less repetitive work.  Joyce always keeps up with what is happening with data security and tools.
Joyce has been a loyal and vocal member of our branch.  Known for her wit and quick quip, she can still get to the heart of an issue clearly without alienating her peers.  Joyce is a wonderful asset to our organization and certainly deserves to be recognized for her many years of service with the Lifetime Service Award.

Sandra Murdock   Presidential Service Award
Sandra Murdock has long been the face of STEM for Ballwin-Chesterfield. Each year she has attended the Science Fair and selected the young women to receive awards from the branch.  She has been active on the Expanding Your Horizons Committee, helping to select the school to receive our financial support, and working at the Conference each year.  She was one of three people instrumental in applying for and administering the “Each One Teach One grant that allowed the branch to work with Wellston Middle School.
Because of wide spread  connections in the St. Louis Community, Sandra has been able to locate interesting speakers for the branch. She has attended the AAUW convention as well. Sandra has served as Co-President for the last two years, running meetings efficiently and effectively in her signature quiet manner.  She also spoke at Munching Matters this year and shared her life experiences with us. We are richer because of Sandra  and her contributions. We’re pleased to present her with the Presidential Service Award.

Shima Rostami  Community Service Award
Shima serves on the Ballwin-Chesterfield Public Policy Committee and has presented at the new Munching Matters luncheon. She is one of the two college women selected to attend the National Conference for College Women Student Leaders Conference in Washington D.C. in June.
For the past two years, Shima has been the part-time Program Director for St. Charles Outreach Coalition Against Human Trafficking ( SCCAT)  which our branch helped start with an AAUW Community Action Grant.  Shima is a human rights and social justice activist who is involved in the prevention of human trafficking in the St. Louis metroplex, the state of Missouri, the U.S., and the international communities.
When Shima is not in class at Lindenwood University, she is out and about raising awareness about labor and sex trafficking with civic, community, education, faith, and law enforcement organizations. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Jurisprudence and Law, a Master’s in Science in Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement, and is working towards her Doctorate in Education at Lindenwood University. In her doctoral studies, she is completing a research project that raises awareness and educates and engages students about the extent of human trafficking on college campuses.
As a young Muslim woman born in Iran, Shima Rostami embodies every quality that AAUW promotes in women.  I am pleased to award Shima with the Community Service Award from AAUW Ballwin-Chesterfield.

Marsha Weppelman: Named Gift Recipient
Marsha Weppelman has long been a member of AAUW, joining first in New Jersey in 1981 and serving in different positions there. When she and her husband moved to St. Louis, she joined the Ballwin-Chesterfield branch.  The first activity she participated in was a St. Charles River Cruise.  The boat hit a bridge, and the passengers were knocked off their feet and scattered around.  Marsha and her husband sustained injuries, but this introduction to Ballwin-Chesterfield did not scare Marsha away. She was a trooper, and returned to meetings and activities.
Marsha served as treasurer and did an excellent job.  She organized fundraisers, joined the Literature Group, and was a member of both EOF and LAF committees. She always helped where she was needed.  This year she stepped up to chair the Nomination Committee and kept them on track.  But what she is most known for is her work with bylaws and serving as Parliamentarian. She studied Roberts Rules of Order, AAUW MO Bylaws, and the Ballwin Chesterfield Bylaws, and became an expert.  If anyone has a question about proper procedure, Marsha is the go-to person. We are proud to present her with a Named Gift Award.