Member Awards

Ballwin-Chesterfield NAMED GIFT HONOREES for 2019-20

Each year Ballwin-Chesterfield Branch recognizes special members.  Nominations were sought from branch members for the 2019-20 Ballwin-Chesterfield Named Gift Honorees in January, February, and March. The nominees were considered on the basis of dedicated service,  leadership, and  significant commitment to the AAUW Mission and the Branch. Contributions to the AAUW Fund have been made In their honor.

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 Jean Elliott, Presidential Service Award

Jean Elliot, Co-President

It was Eleanor Roosevelt who said, “You have to accept whatever comes, and the only important thing is that you meet it with courage and with the best that you have to give.”
Jean Elliott began her involvement in Ballwin Chesterfield becoming the branch co-president, Jean faced a tremendous personal loss but continued to lead and bring out the best in other people.  In March when everyone faced the pandemic and shelter-in-place orders, she worked to keep the branch informed and engaged as much as possible.  Jean Elliott has courage and has given us her very best. We are grateful to have had her serve as co-president.


Patricia Burroughs-Bishop, Co-Web Manager

Patricia Burroughs Bishop

Almost immediately upon joining Ballwin-Chesterfield, Patricia  undertook the redesign and updating of the branch website. She used her skills in web design to create a more professional and modern look. She has also undertaken the job of wemaster for the state website and worked on the Interbranch Council (IBC) website, including assisting with the detailed section on the anniversary of the Nineteenth Amendment. She volunteered to design a website for Expanding Your Horizons, which is co-sponsored by AAUW IBC.  Additionally, she   accepted leadership of the International Relations Lecture Series, also co-sponsored by IBC, and did a fantastic job with it. Patricia is a wonderful asset and addition to the branch. We are so fortunate to have her as a member.

Carol Greenaway, University Liaison Co-Director

Carol Greenaway
“Still waters run deep” describes Carol Greenaway.  Carol joined our branch in 2016 and immediately became quietly involved.  She started by volunteering as a hostess at our branch meeting just two months after joining and gradually revved up her engines.  Over the past several years, Carol has served as STEM co-director, putting her engineering background to very good use.  When the new position of University Liaison was created, she willingly moved into that role and took on the challenge of something new.  She has helped with the soup mix sales and the used book sales, always willing to extend a helping hand.  Carol Greenaway is a strong example of leadership and commitment.

Jane Hemer, Spring Luncheon Co-Director

Jane Hemer
 If you were looking for someone with creativity and artistic talent, you need look no further than Jane Hemer.  As a member of the Spring Luncheon committee for 4 years and now as chair, she developed the themes for the luncheon and designed the program and table decorations to coordinate with those themes.  She also served on the Fall and Winter Luncheon committees, acted as a hostess, and served as co-chair for the catered lunch.  She is also an active bridge member.  When she was a member of AAUW in La Crosse, Wisconsin, she co-chaired their Art Fair and co-directed their Children’s theater.  Her artistry and quiet dedication are a tremendous asset to our branch.

Diana Huey  
Since joining AAUW Diana has assisted with the silent auction at the Winter Fundraiser. We will all remember the beautifully decorated room for Winter Belles, and who could forget those fabulous baskets.  She came up with ideas to help everyone participate in any way they wanted.  But that’s not all.  She is an advocate of STEM and helped with one awards breakfast and was ready to assist at the one this year.  Diana supports Expanding Your Horizons, though Covid 19 canceled their events this year. She brings energy and enthusiasm to whatever she does.  Diana works in tandem with Denise McKibben on many things. They always make these special.

Eileen Krahman

Eileen Krahman
Eileen Krahman has been an active member since joining six years ago. She has been the chair of the Eleanor Roosevelt Walk for three years. She recently agreed to be co-chair of the AAUW Fund. At branch meetings this year, she asked members to support her theme “100 Ways to Support AAUW.” Eileen supports DFS, is a hospitality hostess, and is on the Celebration Tea Committee.  Eileen single-handedly chaired the Fall Brunch —planning, ordering, and taking reservations for more than 100 attendees.  She has agreed to chair this event again in September. Eileen’s energy and enthusiasm make her worthy of this honor.

Denise McKibben

Denise McKibben
Denise brought immense talent and energy to BC Branch.  STEM has been of special interest to her.  She participated in one STEM Girls of Promise breakfast and was set to go for one this year.  But Covid 19 got in the way, as it did with her participation in the Expanding Your Horizons event at Meramac Community College.  Denise is passionate about Voter Protection and worked alongside others to send out post cards.  And we will all remember the beautiful baskets at last year’s Winter Belles.  Working with Diana Huey, she was a force in coming up with creative topics and ways to help everyone participate in the silent auction.  And more…Denise was co chair for the table decorations for Winter Belles.

Ann Patrice O’Shaughnessy, Directory Co-Director

Ann Patrice O’Shaughnessy
Ann Patrice has served on the board for two years as the Directory Co-Chair.  She has worked tirelessly with her co-chair, Joan Hewitt, to get the directories and updates accurate and to the membership in a timely fashion.  In the fall of 2019, there were issues with getting copies of quality.  She worked diligently to get the issues resolved and directories printed, even negotiating for color photocopies just for this year.  When it came time to plan for 2020, Ann Patrice, Joan, and Joyce Katz researched better options and prices for our directory.  We are now looking forward to seeing the results of this effort.

Janet Sloey

Janet Sloey
Jan has been a busy lady in the 3 years she has been an AAUW member.  For the second year, Jan is a proofreader for the Branching Out.  She was the sponsor of a very different kind of Dollars For Scholars event, the Improvisation Workshop.  She co-sponsored the mah jong party to benefit DFS.  Jan will also co-chair  DFS  for the next two years.  And we can all be grateful to her for single-handedly securing the entertainment we enjoyed at last year’s Winter Belles.  It was not an easy job but she pulled it off beautifully, even to having snacks for the singers in the Green Room.