Dollars for Scholars Fundraisers

Our Branch’s Original Fundraising Idea

    • DFS events raise funds for scholarships, give members opportunities to meet in small groups for worthwhile experiences, and introduce AAUW to non-members.
    • Proceeds from DFS events support scholarships for local nontraditional women students.

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We are celebrating  the 28th year of  “Dollars for Scholars.” In the summer of 1993, our branch, then approximately 85 members strong, was considering new ways to raise scholarship money. “Dollars for Scholars” was the brainstorm of member Barb Smoltz. The goals were to raise money  for scholarships, give members an opportunity to interact in small group settings, provide new experiences for members, and to introduce AAUW to non-members.
Although some were concerned that we would not be able to think of enough activities, it was decided to give the program a try. Twenty-seven years and countless varied activities later, a membership that today numbers around 250 is still brimming with ideas, and our goals have remained constant. Each time members sponsor or participate in an activity,  they are saying YES to education and educational equity for women and girls.

ALL EVENTS ARE OPEN TO GUESTS.  EMAIL  Susie Teicher  and Janet Sloey ,  the   2020 – 2021 Dollars for Scholars Chairs

Susie Teicher

Janet Sloey





Virtual Dollars For Scholars Events are Happening!

(no gatherings in the days of COVID, but opportunities for learning nevertheless!
Watch your Friday Branch Email for interesting events)

Learning, Entertainment and Adventure for a good cause!

Each week, new opportunities for Virtual Events are announced in the Friday Note sent to each member.  These events are free, but contributions are gratefully accepted.  Remember, Dollars for Scholars Events help fund our branch’s scholarship program. The list of programs follows:


YOU ARE FULLY VACCINATED.  NOW WHAT?    AARP has a list of what you should and shouldn’t do post-vaccination, according to health experts.

WATER SCARCITY—A WORLDWIDE PROBLEM.   By 2025, nearly a quarter of us could be living in places where water is scarce. Scientists trying to tackle the problem have turned to the fogstand beetle for inspiration.  Watch this animation from the BBC World Service.

St. LOUIS ART MUSEUM HOSTS “NUBIA: TREASURES OF ANCIENT AFRICA”    With works spanning more than 2,000 years, “Nubia: Treasures of Ancient Africa” will provide insights into the long and glorious past of the kingdoms that inhabited the Nile River Valley in what is today Sudan. The exhibition opens at the Saint Louis Art Museum on April 18.  See the link below for more information.

 AND ON A LIGHTER NOTE: CHICKENS!     Watch a part or watch all of this video, “The Private Life of Chickens” from the BBC.  You may never look at a chicken in the same way again!              

GIANT NATURE PLAYSCAPE TO OPEN IN FOREST PARK             See what’s coming to Forest Park this spring—spaces designed with the help of children’s imaginations.  Looks like a lovely experience for “kids of all ages”! 

THE CHAMBER PROJECT OF ST. LOUIS OFFERS VIRTUAL CONCERTS         The Chamber Project group has continued to make beautiful music this year, even under difficult circumstances. See their schedule of live-streamed and archived virtual concerts here: HTTP://CHAMBERPROJECTSTL.ORG/

THE FIRST WOMAN TOUR GUIDE IN ALULA SHARES A REMOTE UPPER REGION OF NORTHWEST SAUDI ARABIA    An easy chair tour of Alula, “an open-air museum, the size of a country,” shows an area that was “a bustling outpost, crisscrossed by caravans from 900 B.C.E. to 106 C.E.”                                                                        


It is very easy to sponsor an event!  We are planning ahead for when we can safely gather once again.

  • Look at some of the trips from past years for ideas, such as special exhibits at the St. Louis Art Museum, visits to historic homes, or a trip to the Churchill Museum in Fulton. Trips can be repeated.
  • Remember that spouses and friends are welcome to join in DFS events.
  • We always need new people to sponsor events. Team up with a friend or two to sponsor an event.

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 Mission Statement:  AAUW Advances Gender Equity for Women and Girls through  Research, Education, and Advocacy.