Dollars for Scholars Fundraisers

Our Branch’s Original Fundraising Idea

We are celebrating  the 26th year of  “Dollars for Scholars.” In the summer of 1993, our branch, then approximately 85 members strong, was considering new ways to raise scholarship money. “Dollars for Scholars” was the brainstorm of member Barb Smoltz. The goals were to raise money  for scholarships, give members an opportunity to interact in small group settings, Dollars For Scholars logo. Mortar board cap sitting atop a pile of cash.provide new experiences for members, and to introduce AAUW to non-members.
Although some were concerned that we would not be able to think of enough activities, it was decided to give the program a try. Twenty-four years and countless varied activities later, a membership that today numbers around 250 is still brimming with ideas, and our goals have remained constant. Each time members sponsor or participate in an activity,  they are saying YES to education and educational equity for women and girls.

ALL EVENTS ARE OPEN TO GUESTS.  SEE BELOW, THEN TO LEARN MORE, DOWNLOAD A COPY OF OUR CURRENT NEWSLETTER OR EMAIL  Susie Teicher  and Marilyn Fletcher ,  the  2018- 2019 Dollars for Scholars Chairs

Susie Teicher

Marilyn Fletcher






It is very easy to sponsor an event!

  • Look at some of the trips from past years for ideas, such as special exhibits at the St. Louis Art Museum, visits to historic homes, or a trip to the Churchill Museum in Fulton. Trips can be repeated.
  • Remember that spouses and friends are welcome to join in DFS events.
  • We always need new people to sponsor events. Team up with a friend or two to sponsor an event.   Contact DFS chairs for additional assistance.

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Dollars For Scholars

Join us to go to Washington University Performing Arts Department’s musical theater production of this humorous play. There is free parking on the campus, but we will also carpool from Trinity.


When: October 27 (Sunday)

*Doors open at 1:30 p.m. for a 2 p.m. start time. Carpooling from Trinity at 12:45 p.m.

Where: Edison Theater 6465 Forsyth Blvd., St. Louis, 63130
Cost: $25
Who: Roz Marx is the sponsor.


Memories of some past events…


Sandy and Doris ponder their moves

F delightful Mah Jongg party was held Wednesday, July 31 at  The Brookdale of Creve Coeur. It was a really fun day that included coffee, tea, pastries, and even lunch!  There were attendance prizes and a Pot of Gold drawing. It was  held at The Brookdale of Creve Coeur.  At left: White chocolate Mahjongg candy tiles made as gifts by event Co-Chair Janet Sloey . Sponsors:    Janet Sloey and Jayne Kasten .

On June 27 members and guests spent a fine day visiting the Endangered Wolf Center, enjoying lunch in Eureka, MO, and touring the World Bird Sanctuary.    It was a whole-day adventure, “Into the wild!”  The large group of members and their friends  left Trinity parking lot at 9:15 AM for the trip to the Wolf Center in Eureka for a special tour. There were new “kits” born in early Spring for us to see, and rescued wolves in their sheltered areas.  Wolf kits that are part of the release project are introduced to new wild litters in the field.  These newborn  kits are accepted by the wild mothers and so re-enter their natural habitats.   After lunch we the group went  on to the Wild Bird Sanctuary. A docent explained the role of the sanctuary and how the birds are cared for.  Some  birds are temporarily housed and re-enter the wild, but many on display cannot be so re-introduced.

Photos courtesy of several attendees.  Click on any picture to enlarge it or view as a slideshow.