Dollars for Scholars Fundraisers


We are celebrating the beginning of the 23rd year of  “Dollars for Scholars.” In the summer of 1993, our branch, then approximately 85 members strong, was considering new ways to raise scholarship money. “Dollars for Scholars” was the brainstorm of member Barb Smoltz. The goals were to raise money  for scholarships, give members an opportunity to interact in small group settings, provide new experiences for members, and to introduce AAUW to non-members.
Although some were concerned that we would not be able to think of enough activities, it was decided to give the program a try. Twenty-four years and countless varied activities later, a membership that today numbers around 250 is still brimming with ideas, and our goals have remained constant. Each time members sponsor or participate in an activity,  they are saying YES to education and educational equity for women and girls.


Janice Buckhold(L), and Phyllis Oakes(R)  2016 – 17 Dollars for Scholars Chairs

BUCKHOLD, Janice               Oakes,Phyllis



SPONSOR a Dollars for Scholars Event!  Get a packet of information and directions here.  

A PHOTO WALK IN THE PARK. Thursday, May 24 at Longview Farm Park. Learn more about taking pictures in a natural setting.  Sponsor: Susan Fenwick  

SUNKEN CITIES:  EGYPT’S LOST WORLD –  Thursday, May 31st, 10:30 a.m.  St. Louis Art Museum, Fine Arts Drive. COST:  $15.00 for SLAM members, $30.00 for non-SLAM MEMBERS.  Carpool from Trinity, 9:45 a.m.  EPIC STORY, SUBMURGED TREASURES REVEALED, COLOSSAL SCULPTURES, PRECIOUS GOLD.   Art Docent Clare Richardson will lead our personal tour through this extensive, world-class exhibit.   Sponsors: Mary Kay Wolfe  and Bette Bude 

Still to come in spring 2018:

  • The ST. LOUIS GATEWAY ARCH TOUR is still being planned for the spring of 2018. It will be a tour of the much anticipated renovation of the Arch museum and grounds of our city’s top tourist site.

  • GRIOT MUSEUM OF BLACK HISTORY: Located in St. Louis and founded in 1997, it was originally named the Black World History Wax Museum.  The name was changed in 2009.  It hosts changing exhibits and amazing pieces of art and culture from the past.

  • WELDON SPRING INTERPRETIVE CENTER: Located in St. Charles, the center details the history and cleanup of Weldon Spring plus has prairie views and an 8-mile trail.

 Notes from Phyllis and Janice:  Interested in sponsoring an event?  It is sooo easy.  Need an idea?  We have a few… or more.   Remember, spouses, friends, friends of friends and friends of spouses are always welcome to join in the fun of DFS events. In other words, come one, come all!!  We need new people to sponsor an event.  It’s a great way to get to know people and have fun all rolled into one!

 MEMORIES…. The MAGIC CHEF MANSION TOUR  –  April 27th This magnificent 12,000 square foot mansion filled with beautiful antiques is also known as the Stockstrom House for the family who built it and lived there from 1908 to 1990.  Stockstrom co-owned  the  Magic Chef Company, the largest stove maker in the world at one time.  The sponsor was Pam Kulp.