Stem Girls of Promise

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) events held by Ballwin-Chesterfield connect our branch to the wider community, and further the mission of AAUW.  In 2022, the Pattonville District joins our schools which will recognize female students’ accomplishments in their STEM studies.
— Genevieve Gibson-Newman, STEM Chair   

Genevieve Gibson-Newman STEM Director






2022 STEM Girls of Promise Recognition Awards

AAUW Ballwin/Chesterfield hosted three Girls of Promise events at three high schools in April.  We were pleased to honor 14 young women, in their Junior year in high school, who were chosen by their teachers and principals as having interest in pursuing a STEM career and exhibiting perseverance, striving for excellence, responsibility, integrity, respect for others and having a positive learning spirit.  It didn’t hurt that they were also excellent students as well. Each of the girls chosen received a $100 check to go to their college fund, as well as an award medal and frameable certificate of their excellence. The schools represented were Pattonville, Valley Park and Maplewood – Richmond Heights.  The STEM committee provided a light breakfast for the awardees, their parents and teachers before school at Pattonville and Maplewood.  At Valley Park, we were invited to present at their award banquet.

All the awards and gifts added up to make such nice programs at the schools!.  The Girls of Promise were absolutely amazing in their plans for the future. The parents and teachers who attended were a delight to talk to as well. And, AAUW BC was able to help promote our STEM emphasis for girls and introduce our organization to a community audience.

Maplewood-Richmond Heights High School STEM Girls of Promise

Pattonville High School STEM Girls of Promise

Valley Park High School STEM Girls of Promise


2021 STEM Girls of Promise Recognition Awards

In April of 2021, ten junior class students received STEM Girls of Promise awards from our branch in recognition of their ability and interest in the STEM subjects. Members of the AAUW Ballwin-Chesterfield STEM Committee had filled each awards box with a scholar’s medal, certificate, check, and letter of congratulations. Valley Park High School principal, Dr. Ryan Luhning, and Maplewood Richmond Heights head of the Science Department, Dr. Kathleen Dwyer, presented the awards boxes to the honorees at their respective schools. The photographs of these outstanding young women seen here are courtesy of the high schools.

2020 STEM Girls of Promise:   Valley Park High School

AWARDEES   Jasmine Kieu,  Kiera McKillop, Grace Nieuwendaal, Cynthia Papalotzu, Emily Stiles

2020 STEM Girls of Promise:   Maplewood-Richmond Heights High School      

L to R: Tegan Daw,  Morgan Kim,  Laila Patterson


In the spring of 2019, the branch STEM Committee held STEM Girls of Promise award ceremonies at Valley Park High School and Maplewood Richmond Heights High School.   Five junior women from each school were recognized at celebratory breakfasts, and were joined by parents, teachers, and AAUW B-C members.  Each STEM Girl was presented with a letter, $25 cash, a certificate, and a scholar’s medal.

Valley Park High School 2019 Honorees

Valley Park High School 2019 STEM Girls of Promise with Ballwin Chesterfield STEM sponsors.  From left, Row 1: Leah C., Amera A., Lucy S., Meghan W., Haley W.,
BC Sponsors, Row 1 (R): Carol Greenaway, Barb McQuitty. Row 2: Pat Shores, Sandra Murdock, Doris Nistler, Marilyn Fletcher, Marcia Block, Linda Roberson, Susan Shriver, Jean Elliott, Ann Hansen, Denise McKibben

2019 Maplewood-Richmond Heights High School Honorees:

   L to R: Abigail K., Joy W., Ms. Kathleen Dwyer, Liana Van Z., Sophia A.