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Important information from Your Public Policy Committee.

General Municipal Election – April 2 Important Dates 

 You can review AAUW position statements that impact MO bills at

Contact Angie Janik, Public Policy Chair, if you need more information about voting.

Presidential Primary Voting Changes:  Did you know that Missouri has changed the presidential preference primary process for 2024?  Presidential preference primary now depends on which political party a person belongs to.

  • The Republican Party has elected to hold caucuses on March 2.  If you have not declared your party affiliation in advance, you will be required to sign a statement verifying your deeply held Republican values and beliefs at the caucus. 
  • The Democratic Party will hold a presidential primary election on March 23.  You are required to register as a member of the Democratic Party prior to casting your vote.  You can check online if you have already designated a political party, need to designate a party, or wish to change your designation at and 

Missouri 2023 Legislative Session Wrap

The 2024 session of the Missouri Legislation is in full swing.  Over 400 bills have been pre-filed.  You can find information provided by the MO Voter Protection Coalition at 

At this time, the Senate has not referred bills to committee, but the House has referred bills on the Citizen’s Initiative Petition and filing intent to run for office to committees for review.  Stay tuned for information provided by your Public Policy Committee on issues related to AAUW’s mission and on making your plans to vote in 2024. 


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GET INVOLVED – Become a Two-Minute Activist!

Remembering those who went before

AAUW national provides members with tools to send messages to their representatives in Congress and their state legislators about pressing issues aligned with AAUW’s mission.  

Get involved through the resources of AAUW.  Find out how at GET ACTIVE

Once you sign up to become a Two-Minute Activist, you will receive an email from AAUW national when your voice is needed most.  You then simply click the box in the email AAUW created, and your legislator’s information is populated; the email is ready for you to send.

Contact any member of the Public Policy Committee if you need assistance.