Meet Our Officers


* Note: A person holding more that one position has only one vote.

Elected Officers (one vote per person):

Co-Presidents:  Jean Elliott , Janet Horner
Co-VP Program: Mary JermakSage Taber
Co-VP Membership: Angela Janik, Willeyne Berger
Finance Officer: Pat Shores
Secretary/Archivist: Sue Lancaster
Ex-Officio, Immediate Past President: Marcia Block

Elected Directors (one vote per position):

AAUW Fund: Marian Bauer & Judy Stagoski
Public Policy: Karen Francis & Abby Roessler

Appointed Directors (one vote per position):

Branch Fundraising: Marcia Block & Janet Buckhold
Directory: Joan Hewitt & Ann Patrice O’Shaughnessy
Dollars for Scholars: Susie Teicher & Marilyn Fletcher
Governance: Marsha Weppelman
Hospitality: Linda Roberson & Carol Anthony
Newsletter Editors: Sandy Brody, Joan Davis & Jean Light
University Liaison: Carol Greenaway & Susan Shriver

Special Events:

Fall Brunch – Eileen Krahman & Marilyn Schatteman
Spring Luncheon – Jane Hemer & Michelle Mangnall

S.T.E.M.: Barb McQuitty & Susan Fenwick

Web Managers: Joyce Katz & Patricia Scott

Standing Committees:

* Chairs are appointed by the co-presidents with the approval of the board. These are non-voting positions.

Care Notes: Joyce Katz, Joan Reed
College University Relations:  Debbie McWard
Eleanor Roosevelt Walk: Carol Derington, Eileen Krahman
International Relations:  Susie Teicher


Board Assistants (non-voting):

Database: Joyce Katz
Dollars for Scholars Aide: Susan Haynes
Friday Reminders: Bette Bude, Mary Kay Wolfe
Parliamentarian: Marsha Weppelman