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Last Meeting: February 13, 2020.

Speaker: Dr.  Bryan M. Jack, Professor of Historical Studies, SIUEdwardsville.

Is Missouri a “Southern”, “Northern” or “other” state?    In his talk Dr. Jack looked at what comprises a “culture” – food, language, history, etc.  Missouri is truly divided.  It was a “slave state”, but mostly in the Missouri River area.  Most historians designate the northwest portion of the state  as “northern”, with a line drawn across the state from East to West following the Missouri River.  St. Louis, a seat of commerce on the  Mississippi River, was viewed as having more ties to the south.

Jack, Bryan Historical Studies

Dr. Jack talked about the characteristics that comprise a “culture”.  Missouri truly is a mix.  Cultural traits place Northwest Missouri as “Midwest”, Central Missouri as “Southeast”, and the state even has been identified as part of “greater Appalachia”.  Popular culture has identified Missouri as rural southern, as identified in 70’s TV shows – the very popular “Beverly Hillbillies”, and ”Green Acres” were actually filmed in Missouri.

A lively question and answer period followed the talk.



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