NEXT MEETING:  July 8 – Summer gathering & picnic
LAST MEETING: May Luncheon and gathering to celebrate a productive 2020 year.  COVID can’t keep Ballwin-Chesterfield down.  Much was accomplished this year: Scholarships were funded, STEM-Achievers were recognized and the AAUW Mission was well supported.

The picnic, hosted ably by chairs Jane Hemer and Michele Mangnall was held in Ballwin, at Paul Schroeder Park.  More than 85 members attended, all happy to be COVID-free, fully vaccinated, and ready to meet face to face once again.  Members enjoyed delicious box lunches from St. Louis’ iconic Gioia’s Deli and spent precious time reacquainting with good friends, joined in spirit to promote an excellent cause.  It was a lovely day!

Michele Mangnall, Spring Luncheon Co-Director

Jane Hemer, Spring Luncheon Co-Director

MANY THANKS for excellent planning and hosting from our picnic chairs, Jane Hemer and Michele Mangnall.



Seen at the party!