LAST MEETING:  March 14, 2024.


  • Co-President Sandy Brody opened the meeting with small group discussions about an upcoming AAUW vote on Open Membership.  The last time this topic came up for a vote, it did not pass because there were not enough members who voted.  Sandy will send an email, summarizing the topic and the small group responses.  PLEASE VOTE, beginning on April 3. 
  • Finance Officer Jean Light summarized the current balance of funds – $26,023.76.
  • Mary Biggs informed about the March Out-to-Lunch at Bricktop’s.
  • Marcia Block reported on upcoming STEM awards at local high schools.
  • Marcia Block also reviewed the slate for officers:  Carol Anthony, President; Jean Light, Finance; Marcia Block, VP Program; April Walgren, VP Membership; Marian Bauer, Director Public Policy; Suzanne Couch, Director AAUW Fund.
  • Angie Janik shared Public Policy information.
  • Nancy Pierson encouraged members to keep up to date on all DFS events by checking out all offerings on the website. Consider sponsoring an event.
  • Janet Sloey made announcements about Program. 
  • Susie Teicher provided information about the next International Relations Lecture on NATO.
  • Yvonne Ward spoke about the Spring Luncheon (see information below).
  • Program:  Rebeka McIntosh, Vice President of MNEA, spoke on the topic of Educators Fueling the Fight for Freedom.  She reviewed the history of public education in the U.S., its Mission, and its current status in several states.  She ended her talk with a recommendation of two books:  Public Education: Defending a Cornerstone of American Democracy by Berliner and Hermanns; On Education and Democracy – 25 Lessons from the Teaching Profession by Hopgood and van Leeuwen.

Rebeka McIntosh
Vice President of the Missouri National Education Association

Rebeka is a proud public-school teacher.  She has worked as a Parent Educator, taught kindergarten through fifth grade, and most recently specialized in elementary alternative programming for at-risk students.  She works full time for the 33,000 member state affiliate of the National Education Association.  “I believe that our public schools should meet the unique needs of every student and support each student’s social, creative, and academic growth,” says McIntosh, who is passionate about Missouri NEA’s capacity to make a difference for members and students and MNEA’s work for the respect and support our public schools deserve.

See March, 2024 for detailed minutes.

NEXT MEETING:  April 11, 2024.