Marion Bauer, EOF Co-Chair

Marion Bauer, EOF Co-Chair

Judy Stagoski, EOF Co-chair

Our program began in 1982.

In May, 1986, branch members came up with the slogan “Soup for Scholarships” and set a goal of $200 to establish the (then titled) Lafayette area branch’s first local scholarship. The sale of the bean soup mix was so successful that our goal was easily reached and exceeded. A scholarship of $250 was granted to a mature woman student attending UMSL. 

Supporting the AAUW Educational Opportunities Fund and local scholarships for mature women returning to college is still an important part of our branch efforts.  Our successful program, Dollars for Scholars, raises scholarship funds through member-sponsored activities In January we invite these scholarship recipients to attend the branch meeting to share their stories and the benefit the AAUW scholarship has provided.

The branch works with Financial Aid Officers at our partner colleges to explain our scholarship criteria which includes:  female, non-traditional student (mature, ten years or more out of high school), minimum 2.5 GPA, taking 6 or more credit hours per semester and who is attending one of the university programs we assist.  In support of AAUW national goals, special consideration is given to women in STEM programs.  The colleges select the women to receive our AAUW/Ballwin-Chesterfield awards based on these criteria.


Over the years the Educational Opportunities Fund  has supported the our national organization by contributions that aid Fellowships and Grants to national and international students  Our national organization has informed us that these

Fellowships and Grants are now fully funded.  In 2017 we will support The National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL),   AAUW is a leader in this program to prepare women for leadership roles in their future endeavors.