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Carol Greenaway

Barb McQuitty

Updates from STEM Directors Barb McQuitty and Carol Greenaway

In the spring of 2018 the STEM committee judged projects in the St. Louis Science Fair) and held “STEM girls of Promise Events” at Maplewood-Richmond Heights  and, for the fourth  year, at Valley Park High School ,

The High School junior women were recognized at  celebratory breakfasts joined by parents, teachers, and B-C members.   Each STEM Girl was presented with a letter, $25 cash, a certificate, and a science medal by Carol Greenaway and Jean Elliott.  (Click on any picture for full-sized view.)

Ballwin-Chesterfield Branch was a sponsor and provided mentors at the 2017 EYH Conference.  All of the pictures are from the Expanding your Horizons (EYH) in Mathematics and Science Conference for young women in grades 7-10. EYH met at Florissant Valley Community College on March 13 from 8 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.  About 250 girls from the St. Louis area, grades 7-10, attended the conference this year.

EYH is an annual conference and our STEM committee provides volunteer helpers.  Marcia and Sandra are on the Conference Committee.  Our branch is a local sponsor, along with Missouri University of Science and Technology, St. Louis University, St. Louis Community College, Florissant Valley.  Ballwin-Chesterfield sponsored several young women from the Collegiate School of Medicine and Biological Sciences (a magnet school)
The conference goals are these:
~~To increase young women’s interest in mathematics and science
~~To foster awareness of career opportunities for women in mathematics and science-related fields
~~To provide students an opportunity to meet and form personal contacts with women working in math, science, and technology career fields.
The 50-minute sessions were organized into three different types of experiences:  a large group forum (with two distinguished female presenters), five different career panels ( each composed of women working in STEM professions and academia) and five different workshops (with presenters providing hands-on experiences covering a variety of topics from STEM at the Zoo to Cooking in the Chemistry Kitchen).
Eight members provided mentoring assistance.   They were Sandra Murdock, Marcia Block, Jean Elliott, Carol Greenaway, Marilyn Fletcher,
Bette Bude, Peggy Harris, and Sue Shriver.   Marcia Block and Sandra Murdock are on the planning committee for EYH.

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Why So Few Overview Project (2011-12)

“Why So Few” is an AAUW research report that explores reasons for the low numbers of women and girls entering STEM fields. Ballwin-Chesterfield produced a “Traveling Toolkit,” giving students, teachers, and parents an overview of the research findings and ways to address them.  View the video. 


Video authors L to R:
Joyce Katz, Technology Advisor
Bette Bude
Mary Jermak
Marcia Block

Ballwin-Chesterfield Branch Research and Projects Grant

In 1998 the Ballwin-Chesterfield branch began the process for establishing an AAUW grant. Through generous individual donations and proceeds from Dollars for Scholars the grant reached the completion level of $35,000 in late 2004. This grant, the Ballwin-Chesterfield (MO) Branch Research and Projects Grant (#4112), has sponsored Community Action Grants for several worthy projects.   In true branch tradition, without missing a beat, we started a new grant to commemorate the branch’s 25th anniversary “the Ballwin-Chesterfield (MO) Branch Silver Research and Projects Grant (#4286).” This grant was fully funded (see below) in February 2012.

Cause To Celebrate! Completion Of The Silver Anniversary Grant!
Our branch has cause to celebrate! We have completed our $75,000 Silver Anniversary Research and Projects Grant! The funding created by our grant, started in 2005 and completed three years ahead of schedule, will be used annually to benefit women and will provide sponsorship of worthy projects for years to come.
Funds from Research and Projects Grants are used at the National level in one of two areas. Career Development Grants support degreed women preparing to change or advance their careers or reenter the work force. Community Action Grants provide funds to individuals as well as local community-based nonprofit organizations for innovative programs that promote equity for women and girls.
All of us here at Ballwin-Chesterfield have much to be proud of in this accomplishment. The completion of the grant represents nearly seven years of fundraising, Dollars for Scholars events, individual contributions, and Branch focus. Through this grant, we have supported AAUW’s mission of promoting equity, lifelong education, and positive societal change. Bravo!   (by Jan Horner and Mary Kay Wolfe, EOF Chairs)


The Certificate of the Silver Anniversary Grant Completion.